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Additional Services

At Savoir/Groovy Groomers we operate a Cruelty Free environment!!​

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This means we will not subject any dog to unnecessary suffering due to the condition of its coat. Matted or knotty dogs WILL be clipped off - we do not believe in putting a dog through the pain and discomfort of trying to comb out a knotty/matted coat, we never know what is present underneath the matting, so please take this into consideration when your doggy is due to be groomed.   
No groomer possesses a magic wand or special product that can make knots and mats disappear - we are not miracle workers, we are just people with a passion for dogs.  If your dog bites you when you are trying to pull a knot out you can be sure it will be trying to bite us too!!!

In addition we also offer several drop in services *No Appointment Necessary
Nail Trims - $10

Anal Glands - $10

Ear Plucking -$10

Teeth Cleaning - $10

For further information, just drop us an email, text, phone call or alternatively pop into the shop for a chat. 
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