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Having your dog professionally groomed on a regular basis is an essential part of your dog's care.

Regular grooming promotes well-being and ensures your dog is comfortable and free from the irritation of dead hair buildup which can be uncomfortable for your dog and may lead to skin problems. 
Some owners prefer to keep their dog's coat longer in the winter, believing this keeps the dog warmer. In fact the opposite may be true - coats that become matted can stop the skin from breathing and can affect a dog's ability to regulate its body temperature. 
A short coat is much easier to keep clean and dry during the wet winter months, and also reduces the risk of your dog bringing mud/grass/leaves etc back into your house after a walk!
We offer a range of services to suit all your dog's grooming requirements : 

Nail clipping - often not needed if a dog gets a lot of exercise on hard surfaces, all dogs nails will be checked while they are in for a full groom.  You can also pop in and we can trim them while you wait for $10.

Ear plucking - some breeds need to have the hair removed from the ear canal to prevent infections and other ear problems. A bit uncomfortable for your dog  but unfortunately an important part of the grooming procedure. We will only pluck ears on request.

Anal Glands - this procedure is carried out at the owner's request during bathing. There is a small charge for this service of $5 if with a groom or $10 if you drop in and wait. 

Bathing - we use a variety of shampoo's to suit your dog's needs and skin. These are all safe and gentle products designed not to cause irritation. We also have medicated and flea shampoos available on request. We stock these same shampoos in the shop available for purchase to use at home.

If your vet has prescribed a specific shampoo, please bring it along and we will be happy to use it instead.

We respectfully ask clients to be aware of the following policies-
Knotted or matted coats will incur a 'minimum' extra charge of $15 to cover the extra time and wear and tear on equipment.
Any dog's presented for grooming with fleas will automatically be treated with our flea rinse at an additional cost.

Appointment cancellations-
We would request that if you cant make your appointment, please show us the courtesy of cancelling as this gives someone else the opportunity to have their dog groomed.