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At Savoir we believe all dogs should enjoy being groomed which is why we suggest that grooming starts as soon as a puppy has completed its vaccinations which is around 12-14 weeks.  The sooner you familiarise them with being groomed the happier your puppy will be. 

Congratulations on your new arrival!

New Puppy?

Some Tips To Make Your Puppy's Grooming Experience More Pleasurable

  • Touch your puppies feet and rub your fingers between their toes a couple of times a day
  • Show your puppy its brush and comb and let it sniff it briefly, brush the coat several times then reward your puppy with a small treat and/or verbal praise
  • Play with your puppies ears by touching them inside and outside
  • Use the handle of a spoon to rub gently under the eyes and over the nose, this simulates the same feeling as scissors
  • Open your puppies mouth and touch its teeth and gums

Love and patience are the key to years of successful grooming!!