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 Q) How much does it cost to groom my dog?

 A) The price of your dog’s groom is based on a couple of factors. Breed first and foremost, what you would like to have done, i.e.; bath & dry only, full groom, mini groom, de-shed etc. Things like coat condition & behaviour are also taken into account. It is best for you to make contact with us directly so that your dog’s grooming requirements can be discussed. 

 Q) Do I need to book ahead?

 A) We advise that you call to book at least 1-2 weeks in advance.  We sometimes have cancellations so we can get you in sooner, call and check.  It pays to book several weeks in advance at Christmas time as this books out fast. 

 Q) Why does my tiny dog cost so much to groom?

A) Tiny or toy breeds are not easy to groom! Being smaller doesn’t make things easier & faster in fact quite the opposite! Smaller breeds are that little bit harder & more delicate, a lot more care has to be taken with smaller & toy breeds due to their tiny limbs being that much more fragile. They are also harder to handle & maneuver for the grooming process. 

 Q) Can I drop my dog off early and/or leave it with you until later?

 A) Yes you can by prior arrangement, there are factors that need to be considered when dogs stay for longer periods. If your dog is going to be with us for most of the day we need to know so we can take it for a walk during the day.

 Q) Can you trim my dog’s nails when you groom him/her?

 A) Definitely, nail trims are included  with all grooms.

 Q) Can you just trim off a little bit?

 A) This is always a difficult question to answer! The short answer is maybe! Taking a little bit off depends a lot on the type of coat your dog has & the condition of your dog’s coat. This is a question that can only really be answered after meeting and assessing your dog’s coat. Please be aware, taking just a little bit off does not equal a cheaper groom, there is just as much work involved in a groom whether there is a little or a lot removed. 

 Q) Do you accept Credit Cards & cheques?

 A) Unfortunately no. We are happy to accept Eftpos or Cash 

 Q) Do you ever get bitten?

 A) Yes, sometimes we do, we try to take all steps to avoid it but some dogs can be unpredictable. 

 Q) What do you do with all the dog hair?

 A) I would love to say we recycle it and would love it if someone could come up with a use for it.  It is clean and dry when it is clipped off.  unfortunately it goes into a bag and into the bin. 

Q) Can I stay for the groom because my dog will be happier?

A) We don't recommend you stay for the grooming process as it is time consuming, and also your dog will more than likely be harder to control and groom while you are present. They see us as authority and usually are very well behaved, once the owners are with them they get confused and are unsure as to who they should be listening to.  That's when they start jumping around and can become dangerous as we are working with scissors.