Unfortunately not every dog loves being groomed, this could be due to a previous bad experience or maybe they are just not confident in new or strange environments.

Here at Savoir/GG we have lots of experience dealing with stressed or nervous dogs.  We appreciate that it can be a frightening experience which is why we have developed a special grooming programme for anxious dogs.

Nervous Dog?

All dogs need regular grooming, irrespective of breed or temperament but having a dog that is relaxed about the process makes life easier for you, the owner, and us too when your dog visits. Our aim is to show your dog that grooming can be a pleasant experience and that although the grooming salon can be a noisy place it really isn't scary at all!
The programme involves several visits to the salon, we usually start off with a visit when the salon is closed so your dog can get a chance to have a good look and sniff around and have some cuddles and treats. This also gives us a chance to have a coffee and a chat with you to find out more about your dogs likes and dislikes and his/her grooming history.
On subsequent visits we gradually introduce other distractions - noises, other dogs and small amounts of grooming (combined with lots and lots of positive rewards) until your dog becomes confident with the process and actually looks forward to coming to see us!
Please feel free to email us on savoir.dog.grooming@gmail.com to discuss your dogs needs.

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